3 Things That Every Dog Collar Tag Should Have

dog collar tag

In the past five years, 15% of dog and cat owners have lost their pets. Out of all of the lost dogs, 93% returned home safely. Many of these dogs became reunited with their owner because of their dog collar tag. A dog collar tag is the small metal plate affixed to your pet’s collar. This tag identifies your dog and should have information on how to reunite you with them. The first thing anyone will search for when they come upon a lost dog is their dog collar tag. You may wonder what to put on a dog tag that will help you quickly reunite with your precious furry friend. 

1. The Name of Your Dog 

Adding the name of your dog to the dog collar tag has been a subject of much debate. Some argue that it makes it easier to steal a dog when their name is on a tag. Why? The person looking to steal your dog now knows their name and can use that to their advantage. However, once a person has your dog, they have your dog, name, or no name. It makes no difference whether they know your dog’s name or not if they want to keep it for themselves. 

Having the name of your dog is extremely helpful for those who are looking to catch it and return it. A nervous dog is very difficult to keep calm once coaxed closer. If a person is able to see your dog’s name on their tag, they can use the dog’s name to gain its trust. 

2. Your Address

Adding your address to your dog’s tag makes it easy to locate you once your dog has been found. This will allow a person to travel to you to deliver your dog. This could also help a veterinarian’s office locate your name (if the person chooses to contact them before you). 

3. Your Phone Number 

The first thing a person will want to do after finding a lost dog is to call their owner. Having your phone number on a dog collar tag will make it extremely easy for you to be contacted. Even if you don’t answer your phone at first, the person who has found your dog can leave a message. This will quickly alert you of your missing dog being found. 

Where to Find a Brass or Stainless Steel Dog Collar Tag 

Losing your four-legged companion is definitely an extremely scary moment for any dog owner. There are many things that could run through your mind. Will your dog be lost forever, or will they end up in a shelter by mistake? A tag that is made out of cheap materials will weather over time, meaning that it may be impossible to identify your dog. The wording on a cheap dog tag will rub off quickly if your dog enjoys playing outdoors. We often forget to check our dog’s tag that often, so you may not even realize that the wording has rubbed off. 

Quality Leather Dog Collars has made it possible to own a dog collar tag that is immune to fading or rubbing off. Our brass and stainless steel tags are stylish and ready for your custom wording. With Quality Leather Dog Collars, you can get a dog collar tag in a variety of shapes and sizes. These tags are perfect for any sized dog and are the perfect accent to any dog collar. You can choose from a slide-on dog collar tag, rivet-on dog collar tag, and tags that can hang from your dog’s collar. To browse our selection of stainless steel and brass dog collar tags, visit our website.