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How to Clean Your Dog Collar With Leather Honey

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Leather dog collars are wonderful collars for any breed of dog. These collars look authentic and stylish, all while lasting you and your dog for years. In a worst-case scenario, leather dog collars can even protect your dog’s neck. In order to keep leather dog collars strong and looking good, they need to be cleaned […]

Three Helpful Tips for Cleaning Your Leather Dog Collar

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Cleaning leather collars is highly important for keeping your collar looking gorgeous. If you think about it, leather was once skin too, meaning that, depending on the leather, you may need to clean it differently than other types of dog collars. Essentially, you are cleaning dirt from the pores of the leather. If you are […]

Conchos: How to Make Your Pet Standout


Let’s face it: our dogs are our best friends and family. Our fur-babies deserve the best. This means going out of our way to grab them some of the best toys to chew on and the flashiest leashes. You might have missed one key decorative element the entire time that you’ve been looking for ways […]

Leather Dog Leash: Three Reasons to Switch Your Dog

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Whether you’re taking a long walk with your dog or bringing them to a veterinarian, a leash is vital. The type of leash you choose will ultimately decide how comfortable and easy your walk will be. The wrong leash could result in a leash burn or a runaway dog. A Leather dog leash is extremely […]

3 Things That Every Dog Collar Tag Should Have

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In the past five years, 15% of dog and cat owners have lost their pets. Out of all of the lost dogs, 93% returned home safely. Many of these dogs became reunited with their owner because of their dog collar tag. A dog collar tag is the small metal plate affixed to your pet’s collar. […]

The Importance of Maintaining Your Dog’s Collar

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As pet ownership rates have continued to increase, the market has become abound with dog collars of all different types. Just taking a brief browse through the nearly infinite designs, materials, textures, colors, and styles of collars show there is a wide variety. As a veteran pet parent, you want every choice you make to […]

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Dog Collars

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A quick visit to online pet shops will reveal a wide array of choices in dog collars. With so many colors, materials, sizes, forms and shapes, it might be a challenge to get the best, especially if you’re buying for the first time. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to find a […]

A Guide to Dog Collars and Leashes

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Dog collars and leashes are some of the most important items that you’ll ever buy for your pet. They ensure that your pooch doesn’t run off in play and lose their way home, or worse, dart into in busy traffic. Additionally, they play a significant role in training your dog. That’s why every pet sitter […]

The 5 Most Popular High Quality Leather Dog Collars and How to Use Them

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Dogs have an extraordinary impact on humans. They offer a multitude of physical, social and emotional benefits. That’s why they deserve only the finest pet accessories! As a pet parent, you need to find your pooch the perfect products in order to keep him safe, comfortable, and happy at all times. If you’re unsure of […]

Leather Dog Leads vs. Nylon: How to Choose the Best Lead for your Dog

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Leads play a vital role in your dog’s life. They are not only essential in training and controlling your four-legged friend, but also serve as a direct connection between you and your pooch. That’s why you need to buy the appropriate leads for your dog. The good thing is that these dog products come in […]