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How to Care for Your Leather Dog Collars and Leashes: 5 Easy Steps

leather dog collars and leashes

When you adopt a new dog, you want to spoil him with the most stylish, comfortable, and safe products on the market. That’s why it’s only natural to get him leather collars and leashes due to the style, safety, and comfort they deliver. If you’re like most people, you want the pet accessories you buy […]

What to Put On Your Dog ID Tags: Rivet Dog Tags and More

rivet dog tag

We’ve all lost a pet at some point. It’s a painful experience! You start circling the neighborhood praying and hoping that your furry friend will come to your call. Sadly, he doesn’t! Statistics show that you’re not alone. Out of the 10 million dogs that go missing every year across the country, only 4 million […]

The Process of Making Premium Bridle Leather Dog Collars and Leashes

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Bridle leather has been around for more than 200 years. In ancient times, it was quite popular in the equestrian trade as it is very strong and durable. Through the years, bridle leather has been used for making virtually everything — jewelry boxes, belts, bags, cases, wallets dog collars and leashes. These products are highly […]

How to Clean Leather Dog Collars and Leashes: Leather Honey Conditioner

dog in leather dog collar

Leather items from Quality Leather Dog Collars appeal for many reasons. They are not only durable and comfy, but they serve as a significant fashion investment for you and your dog. All the leather items we carry are treated with protective oils and dyes to prevent scratches and scrapes and to keep the collars soft […]

Quality Leather Dog Collars’ 2018 Best Dog Collars

A Few Words on Premium Leather Dog Collars At Quality Leather Dog Collars, we believe that the collar is an invaluable part of your connection with your favorite furry friend. Well, it really is in the literal sense! It connects your lead or leash to your dog, makes sure they know where you are and […]

Customized Leather Dog Collars: How Handmade Conchos Add a Personalized Touch

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Plain and simple, life is better with dogs. They’re furry, they’re cute, and they’re our best friends — which is why the team at Quality Leather Dog Collars is proud to offer various styles of conchos for your pet. But, you might be wondering, “what is a concho?” A concho is a metal disc that […]

Hand-Crafted and American-Made Dog Collars: Why It Matters

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True dog lovers consider their dogs to be members of the family. And, we often go out of their way to treat their dogs like loved ones.  This includes obvious steps like regular exercise and vet visits to take care of the dog’s health. It might entail buying puppy toys and having playtime to keep […]

A Stylish Dog: Quality Leather Dog Collars’ 2018 Top Picks

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When you do an online search for dog collars, you’ll get 16,200,000 results. How can you even begin to sort through those and pick the right company and the best product?  We have the solution to your dilemma. At Quality Leather Dog Collars, you’ll find exceptional quality and a variety of products that are designed […]