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A Guide to the Best Dog Accessories

dog accessories

Since you consider your dog a member of the family, you naturally want to pamper and spoil him or her. Like most pet owners, you want to be sure the dog accessories you purchase are safe, comfortable, durable, and attractive. At Quality Leather Dog Collars we understand your concerns. We strive to provide a variety […]

Dog Collars & How to Prevent Chafing

  Dog collars are important identifying features for dogs, but they can get under your canine’s skin, painfully. Recognizing the signs of chafing and how to prevent it from recurring can keep your dog happy and healthy.   Signs of Chafing Chafing is like an abrasion or cut and doesn’t involve any yeast or bacteria. […]

Why Nylon and Leather are the Perfect Dog Collar Combo

Dog collars play a wide variety of roles, including leash training and reuniting you with your dog if he ever gets lost. They come in different materials and colors to serve various purposes. That means if you are in the market for nylon dog collars and leads, options abound! Depending on your budget, your needs, […]

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Dog’s Leather Collar

As a pet parent, you only want the best for your furry friend, and that includes giving them the highest quality, most stylish leather collars out there. However, these stylish and functional collars can sometimes get very dirty with the buildup of skin oils, debris or dust. That’s why a little care every once in […]

Turquoise Conchos: Why They are a Symbol of Protection for Pets

dog concho

Being a pet parent means investing so much into your beloved pet’s well-being. Every day brings more opportunities to make crucial decisions around your pet’s experience. Whether it’s choosing between new pet food brands, organizing pet sitters, cleaning and feeding your pet, or finding the time to take your pet on a walk or to […]

How Customized Dog Collars Allow for Easy Pet Identification


“Missing Dog” — Those two words represent every pet owners worst nightmare. None of us wants to think about what will happen if our dog runs away from home. Taking a few moments to prepare for the possibility now, while considering a new dog collar, will improve the chances of your pooch returning home safe […]

Why Investing in a Quality Dog Collar Will Save You Money Long-Term


Many dog owners think of the dog collar as merely a “no-frills-necessary” type of accessory for your pet. The truth is, however, premium dog collars offer a lot of value long term, especially when you consider how often you’ll need to replace the cheaper collars throughout the lifetime of your pet.   Purpose of a […]

Cow vs. Bison Leather: What Are The Differences

You’re shopping through the pet store, looking for the perfect dog collar for your special member of the family when you come across several fetching leather options. Upon further examination, you see two different kinds of leather, cow and bison. Leather is a great choice for a dog collar because it typically wears well with […]

About that Bling: How Conchos are Making Dogs Feel Special

We understand how special your pet is to you. You’ve bought him the most comfy doggie bed, a personalized feeding dish, the best vet recommended food, and a collection of chew toys that would make any dog envious.  Since you want only the best for your favorite furry friend, you also want to choose the […]