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Safety Matters: How ID Tags Are Protecting Dogs

Losing a beloved animal is a pet owner’s worst nightmare, yet it happens regularly.  How many signs have you seen offering a reward for the return of a lost dog? Even the most responsible dog owners can lose a pet.  At home, dogs may run out the door unexpectedly or escape through a gate that […]

5 Collar Tips to Keep Your Pup Safe: Why Quality Matters

Choosing a collar for your dog can be tricky, especially when you, as the pet owner, are considering all the factors, like eco-friendly materials, cost, durability, sizing, comfort, and style!   The collar provides many important functions. It connects to dog leashes for convenient walking and offers a place to hold the dog’s vaccination and […]

Leather Dog Collars: A Guide for First Time Buyers

If you are in the market for a leather dog collar for your canine friend, then you have probably determined that leather scores high in durability, appearance, and comfort. You can purchase premium leather dog collars with bling, studs, and embossing details. With their adjustable buckle closures, leather collars suit all dog breeds and sizes […]

Bridle Leather: Why It’s in Demand for Dog Collars

The English are often in high demand, from the Beatles to The Office (the BBC original) to Tom Hiddleston. Ironically, English bridle leather also comes from American steer and is simply known as bridle leather. This type of leather is all the rage for dog collars. Leather is a strong material that has a classic, […]

Quality Leather Dog Collars Blog

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