Leather Dog Leash: Three Reasons to Switch Your Dog

leather dog leash

Whether you’re taking a long walk with your dog or bringing them to a veterinarian, a leash is vital. The type of leash you choose will ultimately decide how comfortable and easy your walk will be. The wrong leash could result in a leash burn or a runaway dog. A Leather dog leash is extremely easy, safe, and comfortable to use in any situation with your dog. Compared to other leashes, leather leashes reign superior. 

1. Comfort

If you have used a nylon leash before, you will know how leash burn feels. When using a nylon leash, especially a larger nylon leash, there is a potential of your dog suddenly moving and tugging the leash with it. This results in the leash burning your hand. With a leather dog leash, there is no potential for leash burn. In fact, a leather leash becomes more comfortable the longer you use it. 

With retractable leashes, you will run into the potential for injuries. For one, the thin string cord of a retractable leash can easily get tangled around your (or another person’s) legs and cause painful squeezing. It is also easy to lose grip of the bulky handle of the leash, meaning that the handle could go hurtling towards your dog and harm them. The leash is not rough on the hands at all and is easy to grip, meaning there is no chance of injury or losing your leash. This makes it great for rainy or sweaty walks. The easy grip is especially useful with a long leash, as you will be able to easily grip the leash to regain control of your dog. 

2. A Leather Dog Leash Offers Durability

Leather dog leashes and leads are well known for the years of service that they provide. When made correctly, it will be durable and water-resistant. With a long dog leash that is leather, you will also not need to worry about cracking. You may assume that a thinner, leather, long dog leash will be less durable, but it is just as tough as any other leather dog leash. Nylon dog leashes are easy for your dog to chew through, but leather dog leashes and leads are far more difficult to chew apart. 

3. Fashion Statement

Leather dog leashes and leads are not just brown! These leashes come in a wide variety of colors and look great on any dog. Something about a leather leash really adds a bit of class and authenticity to the way a dog looks. A leather leash will truly highlight any breed of dog (and looks great with the owner too)! 

Where to Find Leather Dog Leashes and Leads 

At Quality Leather Dog Collars, we understand how important it is that you have the right leash. A good leash makes a great difference in the life of a pet owner. Our leashes and leads, crafted from English bridle leather, are extremely durable and comfortable. These leashes will last you for years and never stop looking great. Made with solid brass clasp and sturdy nickel-plated hardware, this leash will not break. We have a wide selection of leather leashes, as well as nylon leather leashes. To browse our leashes and leads, visit our website. Quality Leather Dog Collars can’t wait to enhance your walks!