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Quality Leather Dog Collars is proud to be able to offer Quality Brass ID Tags for your dog. These tags are engraved using a process that allows the lettering to go deep into the surface while engraving the tag, providing a larger, sharper and cleaner tag. One thing to keep in mind is Brass is a soft metal and will not last as long as stainless steel. Brass tags may discolor the coat of dogs with light colored hair or fur which would be similar to a persons skin turning colors when in contact with a given metal. The action of the tag rubbing against your pet’s coat should result in a dull golden look. There are also products which will restore the brightness to the Brass that can be used as well. With this said, Brass Tags are attractive and look great on collars. Tags purchased with a collar will be attached if desired at no extra charge before being shipped.  Free shipping within the U.S.A. on all ID tags!

NOTE:   Please allow up to 7 business days to receive tag.