Quality Leather Dog Collars’ 2018 Best Dog Collars

dalmation with collarA Few Words on Premium Leather Dog Collars

At Quality Leather Dog Collars, we believe that the collar is an invaluable part of your connection with your favorite furry friend. Well, it really is in the literal sense! It connects your lead or leash to your dog, makes sure they know where you are and where you want to go and keeps you in touch with their behavior. There are three things that set premium leather dog collar apart from others.

  1. The durability of every one of these collars is second to none. Many of our collars will live their entire lives with your dog and serve as a keepsake years after. They are naturally resilient to weather and wear and tear. The natural oils and moisture of your dog keeps the leather lubricated and extends the life of the collar. Many cheap store bought collars are only designed to last a few years and then break.
  2. They’re comfortable for your dog. The thick, rich leather is soft against your dog’s skin and grows to fit your dog better and better over time. Our collars are wide and effectively distribute pressure over your dog’s neck better than other thinner collars.
  3. They’re beautiful. We only make collars we love ourselves. Gorgeous bridle-tanned leather, premium nickel and bronze studs, and attractive colored nylon are used in our collars. This makes them both the sensible pick and the stylish one. Here are a few of our favorites!

The Bridle Tanned Bison and Elk Collar

This premium series of collar is a beautiful and unique group. They’re all made with bison and elk leathers. The Bison leather goes through a special tanning process to achieve the signature shrunken-grain look, while the Elk leather provides a comfortable, soft rolled edge for the interior of the collar. These Quality Leather Dog Collars are available in a multitude of different colors, too.

The Wyatt Collar

One of our best sellers, the super stylish Wyatt Collar is a one inch collar ringed with a three-quarter inch layer of the same studded English Bridle Leather. It’s an almost biker chic collar that provides the ultimate in comfort for your dog and brings out an effortlessly cool vibe in dog and owner. It is available in Black on Black and Black on Gold.

The Tucker Collar

The Tucker Collar is the Wyatt Collar’s understated cousin. With similar contrasting color availability but without the studs, the Tucker is a comfortable, attractive standard bearer for leather collars all over. It’s available in several different color combos, as well.

The Cooper Collar

The Cooper is a combined leather and nylon collar. This is one of the best dog collars around at the price point. Combining the looks of tooled antique leather and extremely durable nylon, these collars come in five different color options.

The Black Tie Collar

My personal favorite of our English bridle leather collars, the Black Tie Collar says much without trying too hard. It’s a sleek black collar made from two layers of premium, rugged English bridle leather. It comes in two widths, one inch and three-quarters of an inch, with polished nickel hardware and a wheat stitched lining.

Quality Leather Dog Collars

We take pride in the fact that all our attractive Quality Leather Dog Collars are hand made right here in the USA. We believe that a fashionable, durable, and comfortable collar is the right collar for your dog, and we know you’ll love it too. Whether you prefer a rare Bison and Elk leather collar, something leather and studded, or a more simple design like the Black Tie collar, there’s something for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!