The 5 Most Popular High Quality Leather Dog Collars and How to Use Them

high quality leather dog collars and leashes

Dogs have an extraordinary impact on humans. They offer a multitude of physical, social and emotional benefits. That’s why they deserve only the finest pet accessories! As a pet parent, you need to find your pooch the perfect products in order to keep him safe, comfortable, and happy at all times. If you’re unsure of where to buy, Quality Leather Dog Collars is a great online store for shopping for pet accessories. We carry top quality dog products designed to stand the test of time including high quality leather dog collars and leashes.

Here is a rundown of the five most popular high quality leather dog collars from our extensive selection.

The Cooper Collars

These collars take the lead in our line of most popular dog collars. They are built to deliver unmatched style and value. The Cooper collars are crafted from an elegant blend of nylon and leather to withstand the rigors of your dog’s activities. The leather overlay premium nylon is well stitched at all stress points. Their most notable feature is the ease of use. They are fitted with non-corrosive prong style buckles and have holes punched in them for easy adjustments.

Bison & Elk Leather Dog Collars

Next in line is the Bison & Elk Leather Dog Collars. They deliver both beauty and style without compromising strength and durability. These collars are designed to hold up to repeated wet and dry conditions, while retaining their buttery softness, thanks to the Elk Leather lining. Bison & Elk Leather dog collars are created using a unique tanning process to provide the ultimate look and comfort for your dog. Like all our leather products, these collars are handcrafted right here in the USA. They come in varying colors to allow you to find the perfect one to match your personality and that of your dog.

Bridle Tanned Bison & Elk Collar

The Bridle Tanned Bison & Elk collars are some of the most beautiful dog products we carry. They are heavily stitched at the fold, with soft Elk leather lining for comfort. The collars come in multiple colors to allow you to find matching leads. The good thing is that they come in different lengths and widths to allow you to find the perfect size for your pooch, no matter the age or breed. The solid nickel or brass hardware with a lacquered finish on these collars is another reason why these collars are preferable amongst our customers.

The Wyatt Collar

The Wyatt Collar is another of our most popular high quality leather dog collars. These collars are handcrafted with vegetable-tanned premium English Bridle leather and reinforced with two rows of nickel studs for maximum strength and durability. They come with non-corrosive brass or nickel buckles, solid welded D-rings, and leather keepers for easy adjustment and leash attachment.

The Tucker Collar

Last in our list of most popular dog products are the Tucker collars. They are crafted from English Bridle leather and lined with garment-grade leather for maximum comfort. The stress points on these collars are double riveted to deliver unmatched strength and durability.  Additionally, they come with two D-rings (at the throat and the back) for easy leash attachment. With the superimposing colors, these collars are sure to make your pooch the most fashionable pet in the park.

Dog Products from Quality Leather Dog Collars

Shop our extensive collection of dog products today to keep your dog strutting in style with high quality leather dog collars and leashes. Your dog will love the taste, and you’ll enjoy the comfort of knowing you have given them the best.