The Process of Making Premium Bridle Leather Dog Collars and Leashes

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Bridle leather has been around for more than 200 years. In ancient times, it was quite popular in the equestrian trade as it is very strong and durable. Through the years, bridle leather has been used for making virtually everything — jewelry boxes, belts, bags, cases, wallets dog collars and leashes. These products are highly desired because they are well made, beautiful and acquire a unique patina as they take in natural oils. Despite the popularity among pet parents, not so many people know why bridle leather is so amazing. In this blog, we take a look at the process of making premium bridle leather dog collars and leashes.

The Tanning Process

Bridle leather is a piece of leather (cowhide/steerhide) that is well finished at the tannery. What most people don’t know is that it takes a labor-intensive process that requires time, patience and a lot of elbow grease. In the initial stage, both sides of the hide (flesh and grain) are treated with a multitude of natural greases, which makes the material more expensive than chrome tanned hides. It is then drum dyed in a range of finishes to give it deep, consistent colors with tallows and waxes. Although each tannery has its own formula for tanning the hide, these formulas aim to bring out leather with the least amount of imperfections.

After the leather is dried, it is then hot stuffed with predetermined amounts of spew on the grain and flesh, giving it the premium feel. The process makes the leather quite stiff, but, with proper care and an ample amount of break-in time, it becomes soft and supple yet very strong.  

Objectives of the Tanning Process

To Make The Leather Both Strong And Durable – Your dog’s safety depends on the leather’s durability. That’s why bridle leather is typically made to last well beyond the years of any other fabric or fiber. Its tannage makes it very firm and more resistant to the elements. That means it can survive years of use with poor weather, dirt, and everything else that comes in contact with your dog.  The bridle leather is designed to stay intact even when subjected to sudden lunges and jumps by your strong dog.

To Make The Leather Smooth, Flexible And Comfortable – bridle leather collars are built to serve as fashion investments and deliver comfort. The tanning process makes them non-abrasive for your dog to wear next to the skin. That’s why the treatment of the flesh side is as important as that on the grain side.

To Give The Leather A Good Look – the process of making bridle leather aims to minimize natural imperfections that weaken the leather and make it less appealing looks-wise. It also gives it a good depth of colors that change over time and use and still remain attractive to look at. The good thing is that bridle leather can be oiled for darker hues. Keep in mind that top-of-the-line bridle leather collars and leashes deserve high-quality care. That’s why we highly recommend Leather Honey Conditioner to our customers.

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