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Welcome to Quality Leather Dog  We offer Premium English Bridle leather and Bison & Elk leather dog collars in various styles and designs to fit most any dog’s needs.   The variation in texture, color, and use of non-corrosive hardware used in our collars allows for great selection of a premium product for your pet.

Some pictures of our past and current dogs.

Gerald W. Brzozowski, Sr.
Hi!  My name is Gerald, and I’d like to share with you the reasons why I created Quality Leather Dog  Back in the 60’s while in junior high I developed an interest in working with leather in a shop class.  All the techniques used to design and make simple items such as coin purses and wallets intrigued me.  But not until 20 years later did that interest redevelop to where I began working with leather again. I eventually made a couple holsters and check book covers .  I have some unfinished projects from back then and today I am still using a check book cover made back 31 years ago.

During the same time period my interest in leather was rekindled, I acquired my first dog, an 18 month old German Shepherd named “Bear”.  Since living in a rural area with sparse neighbors, I wanted some extra security for my wife and our 3 year old son.  I had also been given a Springer Spaniel/Pointer female pup for our son who we named Muffin.  Both dogs were devoted to our son and watched after him like one of their own.  Time passed, and so did Bear, after 10 short years of life.

Since then, I am now with Bo, my fifth German Shepherd,  who I adopted from a shelter in Tyler, Texas at 9 months of age. He lived a wonderful life here at the ranch running, swimming, chasing jackrabbits, coyotes and cows until contracting the deadly disease,  Chagas, at the age of 42 months. He will be missed greatly by all. Later, in the summer of that same year, we adopted a German Shepherd  from a foster home in Houston, Texas.  He was 12 months old and we named him Rusty.   As of today March 6, 2018, he is still with us today chasing balls and swimming with Molly.

In between Bear and Bo were Cassy and Sassy who were sisters as pups, and Ranger who we had gotten from friends.  Ranger loved to run and play with Cassy and Sassy while providing a security deterrent as well.  He enjoyed a long life with lots of room to run and play, dying prior to Cassy and Sassy.  After the passing of Ranger, a Golden Retriever showed up at our place and we named her Red.  She had no tags or identity and we never found her rightful owners. She was about 8-years old, so sweet and obedient, and stayed with us until her untimely death two years later.

The special bond I saw between “Red” and my wife spurred me to look for another Golden Retriever.  So, in the summer of 2011, I found a 9-month old female, light Golden Retriever and surprised my wife on her birthday.   We named her Molly and she has been one of the best dogs we have owned.  She’s well- mannered and a joy to have around.  She is our Poster Dog For Quality Leather Dog  Molly is now 7-years old, still chasing balls, and swimming with Rusty.

My love for dogs and leather inspired me to create Quality Leather Dog Collars.  My goal is to provide premium leather dog collars in an assortment of styles and colors on one site, to satisfy dogs and owners alike. More Premium leather dog collars will be offered as they become available. Thank you for visiting Quality Leather Dog Collars.  Gerald.